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String wound filter cartridge



●Precision:1um~300 um
●Length: 10”、20”、30"、40"、50”、60”、70”、80”
●Outer diameter: ɸ63.5 mm±1mm
●Inner diameter:ɸ30mm or ɸ28mm
●Connector: plane,222Plug-in,226Plug-in
●Max temperature:180℃
●Max pressure:0.4Mpa
●Design flow:>500L / H(10 “filter)
●PH value:1-13


STRING WOUND Fliter Cartridge

String wound filter cartridge consists of multi-hole frames wound closely with textile fibers. Diverse kinds of filtering precision can be realized by controlling the winding density. As the outer bore diameter is larger than the inner one, the filter cartridge have a good deep-level filtering capability.

pp yarn string wound filter cartridge replace for industry 10inch 5micron string wound

The wire wound water treatment filter cartridge is a kind of deep-seated accessory, which is mainly used for filtration with low viscosity and low impurity quality. The material is made of textile fiber line, polypropylene fiber line, degreasing cotton line, etc., and it is precisely wound on the porous framework or stainless steel according to the specific technical process. The filter cartridge has a honeycomb structure, which can effectively filter out the suspended solids, particles and impurities in the fluid Rust and other impurities, strong filtration characteristics.

Technical features of wire wound filter cartridge

●The wire wound filter cartridge is formed by winding textile fibers on multi skeletons in a specific way. By controlling the winding density of the filter cartridge, the filter cartridges with different filtering accuracy can be made. The filtering aperture of the filter cartridge is large outside and small inside, so it has excellent deep filtering effect.

●The wire wound filter cartridge can effectively remove the suspended solids and particles in the liquid. The utility model has the advantages of large flow, small pressure loss, long service life and high filtering pressure. According to the nature of the filtered liquid, the filter cartridge has a variety of different materials to choose from, so that the filter cartridge and the filtrate have good compatibility.

Main performance of wire wound filter cartridge

﹡ High filtration precision, small pressure difference, large flow, large capacity of contaminant and long service life;

﹡The filtering aperture is small in the inner and large in the outer, which has a good deep filtering effect;

﹡The filter cartridge is made of various materials to ensure the requirements of various liquid filtration and achieve the best filtration effect.