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Small PP filter cartridge



●Length: 5”、10”、20”、30“、40'
●Connector: plane、222Plug-in、226Plug-in
●Max temperature: 60℃
●Max pressure 0.4Mpa
●PH value:1-13
●Filter type: points frameless,skeleton, the sheath


Short Description:
PP cotton Filter Cartridges is made of non-toxic and tasteless polyester fiber particles, which is made by heating, melting, spraying, pulling and forming.

Main function: PP cotton Filter Cartridges is mainly used as the first stage filtration treatment of pure water and food, drinking water, which is used to block the large particles such as rust, sediment, insect eggs and other large particles in the water, so as to make the water quality flowing to the second Filter Cartridges softer, which can be matched with different types of end covers to meet the needs of various engineering installation.

Scope of application: PP cotton Filter Cartridges can be used for domestic drinking water purification, industrial pure water, oil field water injection filtration, water purifier matching and other industries and equipment liquid filtration, as well as compressed air and gas filtration.
Replacement cycle: 3-6 months.