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Minerlized ball filter cartridge

  • Ratio surface area: 800~1000M2/g
  •  The iodine adsorption value: 900 ~1000mg/g
  •  Benzene adsorption quantity: 20%~25%
  • Four carbon dioxide adsorption rate: 50% ~60%
  • Methylene blue adsorption value: 13 ~16mL/g
  •  COD removal rate: 58. 25%
  •  Length:10”20”30”40”
  • Diameter: Outer diame: ɸ65mm±1mm
  • Inner diame: ɸ30mm
  • Connector: plane,quick connector,quick plug-in
  • Max temperature: 60℃
  • Max pressure:0.4Mpa
  • Design flow:>300L / H(10”filter)

Short Description

SF-CTO / UDF / GAC Active Carbon filter cartridge is made of active carbon particles, which are sintered together with cohesive solvent.The inner layer of the filter cartridge is polypropylene frame that can improve the filter cartridge's Pressure-resistant strength, Both the frame and the outer layer of the active carbon filter cartridge are wrapped by two layers of super fine polypropylene fiber felt, so that the filter cartridge has dual functions of filtration and purification, The filter cartridge has a white plastic net cover so as to have clean and tidy appearance

Main function

activated carbon filter is a kind of Filter Cartridges for coarse filtration of water, which has dual functions of filtration and purification. It can intercept particles larger than 10 microns in liquid, effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, decolorize and remove peculiar smell. It is an ideal product for liquid and air purification.


Activated carbon Filter Cartridges is suitable for drinking water treatment, adsorption of bleaching powder in water, generally used in electronic industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical, food industry and other industries.