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High flow filter cartridge


●Max.Operating Differential Pressure:
Glass Fiber-3.44bar@121°C,50psi@180°F
●Suggestion max flow:40” 1300LPM
●O-ring seal options:EPDM,NBR,VITON
●Connector:Single O-ring,Double O-ring


High Flow Filter Cartridge

High flow filter cartridge is made by diameter 6” and pleated design with high flow area and contamination removal capacity .This design helps end user to reduce capital investment,save plant space, easy to change-out and etc. High flow filter cartridge product has various applications on water treatment system.


●Industrial :Municipal water, RO Prefiltration, reclaimed water, coolant, nozzle protection, boiler condensate,desalination

●Chemical:Quench water, aqueous salt solutions, final products

●Petrochemicals:Waterflooding, produced water, enhanced oil recovery, completion fluids, amine sweetening.final products

●Electronics:RO pre-filtration, process water, deionized water pre-filtraion

●Food and Beverage:Process and blending water, bottled water

●Pharmaceutical:Process water

●Power Plant:Supplementary water, condensation water, coolant

Main Features

●Fewer cartridges and less time to assemble

●Common-use size: 40”length

●The design of aperture change gradually

●Sealing interface design to reduce the risk of by-pass

●Large surtace area pleated design provides low pressure drop and long service life

●Polypropylene cartridges comply with FAD grade

●Flow rate up to 1300LPM per cartridge