What are the principles of meltblown filter cartridges, microporous folded membrane filter cartridges and meltblown filter cartridges?

Large flow filter cartridge, microporous folded membrane filter cartridge, wire wound filter cartridge, melt blown filter cartridge, activated carbon filter cartridge, metal filter cartridge, etc. the filter cartridge has high filtration accuracy and large area, which is suitable for gas (steam) body, liquid and other fields, and is widely used in petrochemical, thermal power, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food and other fields.

Microporous folded membrane filter cartridge

Principle of microporous folded membrane filter cartridge: the microporous folded membrane filter cartridge uses the composite folded micro membrane as the filtering medium, and achieves a certain particle filtering effect through microporous screening on the membrane surface.

Characteristics of microporous folded membrane filter cartridge:

·Excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acids, bases and organic solvents.

·The filter membrane is foldable deep filtration with large filtration area.

·Low pressure difference, strong pollution capacity and long service life.

·A wide range of filtering accuracy can be selected.

Application field of microporous folded membrane filter cartridge:

·Pharmaceutical industry: prefiltration of various antibiotics

·Food and beverage industry: filtration of liquor, mineral water and drinking water

·Oil industry: oilfield water injection filtration

·Electronic industry: pre filtration of high purity water and security filtration of reverse osmosis

·Chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and lyes

Meltblown filter

Principle of melt blown filter cartridge:

Melt blown filter cartridge is a tubular filter cartridge made of non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles through heating, melting, spinning, traction and shaping. If the main raw material is polypropylene, it can be called PP melt blown filter cartridge.

It is not only widely used in water purification, but also has excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtration of strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent. It has the advantages of strong contaminant capacity, long service life and low cost.

Features of melt blown filter cartridge:

First, polypropylene is used as raw material and continuous polypropylene long fiber produced by melt blown process is wound

Second, high filtration accuracy, large flow, uniform structure, large amount of dirt, long service life

Third, good chemical compatibility, without any additives, the fiber is not easy to fall off

Fourth, it is widely used

High dirt retention capacity:

In the deep layer of the whole filter cartridge, it can achieve the real effect of particle classification and capture according to the density, so as to give full play to the effectiveness of the filter cartridge; The higher ability of sewage interception means long service life, low replacement frequency and cost saving; The surface density of the filter cartridge is low, but the density increases gradually from the surface to the center of the filter cartridge; There is no blind spot on the surface that will reduce the flow rate of filter cartridge and increase the replacement frequency.

Pure polypropylene structure:

High temperature bonded fiber; It does not contain moisturizer, antistatic agent and binder; Extensive chemical tolerance; It is easy to treat after incineration; Meet the requirements of FDA food and beverage industry; No dissolution and release.

Application field of melt blown filter cartridge:

Pharmaceutical industry: prefiltration of all kinds of injections, liquid medicine and bottle washing water for injections, large infusion and prefiltration of all kinds of antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine injections.

Food industry: filtration of alcohol, beverage and drinking water.

Electronic industry: pre filtration of pure water and ultra pure water.

Petroleum and chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and lyes, and filtration of oilfield water injection.

Post time: Jun-30-2021